The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) invites you to the  ACLI Annual Conference 2022, where sessions are bound to leave you with a multitude of valuable insights and knowledge on how we continue to shape and work toward a future made for every American. This year we will be returning to our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., to host our conference in person for the first time in three years! This return to an in-person Annual Conference will be a tremendous experience you will not want to miss.

The Annual Conference will provide well-rounded content addressing a range of industry issues, best practices, and thought-provoking research. Stay tuned for further details on our well-known keynote speakers, first-rate general sessions, and breakout sessions with dedicated tracks addressing legal/compliance and investment/financial topics, and other sessions covering reinsurance, retirement security, emerging trends and technology, and legislative and regulatory issues.


The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) is the leading trade association driving public policy and advocacy on behalf of the life insurance industry. 90 million American families rely on the life insurance industry for financial protection and retirement security. ACLI’s member companies are dedicated to protecting consumers’ financial wellbeing through life insurance, annuities, retirement plans, long-term care insurance, disability income insurance, reinsurance, and dental, vision, and other supplemental benefits. ACLI’s 280 member companies represent 94 percent of industry assets in the United States.

ACLI Antitrust Statement

The American Council of Life Insurers is committed to adhering strictly to the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws. Meeting conducted under the ACLI’s auspices are designated solely to provide a forum for the expression of various points of view on topics described in the agenda. Under no circumstances shall ACLI meetings be used as a means for competing companies to reach any understanding, expressed or implied, which tends to restrict competition, or in any way, to impair the ability of members to exercise independent business judgement regarding matters affecting competition.





8:00 – 5:00 PM           Registration


8:30 – 10:00 AM         Forum 500 Section Board of Governors Meeting

                                   (ACLI members only, breakfast served)


10:30 – 2:15 PM         ACLI Board Committee Meetings (ACLI members only)

                                    *Timing will be adjusted based on time required for committee meetings


                                      10:30 AM – 11:30 AM  CEO Steering Committee on Consumer Issues


                                      11:45 AM – 1:00 PM   CEO Steering Committee on Prudential Issues


                                      1:15 PM – 2:15 PM      CEO Steering Committee on Taxation


3:00–4:30 PM             ACLI Board of Directors Meeting (ACLI members only)                          


5:45–7:00 PM             Welcome Reception

Sponsored by:



6:30–9:00 PM             ACLI Board of Directors Dinner (by invitation only)



7:15–8:15 AM             Chairman’s Club Breakfast (by invitation only)


                                    David Wasserman, Senior Election Analyst, The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter,

                                    NBC Contributor

7:30–8:15 AM             Networking Breakfast


8:30–9:30 AM             Opening Remarks & Perspectives


                                    Emcee-Welcome Remarks

                                    Andrew Busch, Economic Futurist; Former CMIO, U.S. Government; Author


                                    President’s Perspective

                                    Susan Neely, President & Chief Executive Officer, American Council of Life Insurers

                                    Chairs’ Perspectives

                                    J. Scott Davison, ACLI 2022 Chairman; Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, OneAmerica

                                    Financial Partners, Inc.

                                    Andy Sullivan, Executive Vice President & Head of U.S. Businesses, Prudential Financial Inc


                                    Annual Business Meeting and Elections


9:30–10:15 AM           General Session: America’s Role on the Global Stage with Keynote Speaker Paul Ryan

                                    As the youngest Speaker of the House in 150 years, Paul Ryan brings high-level and recent insights to 

                                    presentations on a broad range of issues affecting Americans and our place in the global world order—       

                                    spanning regulation and trade, health care, international relations, economic growth and taxes. Here, Speaker

                                    Ryan touches upon what’s happening on Capitol Hill and where our country is headed, as well as how our

                                    relationships with allies and adversaries may evolve.


                                     Joyce Meyer, Executive Vice President, Government Relations, American Council of Life Insurers


                                     Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (2015-2019)


10:15–10:45 AM          Networking Refreshment Break


10:45–11:45 AM          Concurrent Sessions   

                                     Finance/Investment Focus Session

                                     A CONVERSATION WITH FIO DIRECTOR STEVEN SEITZ

                                     Join us for an engaging discussion with FIO Director Steven Seitz where he will discuss priorities and issues

                                     at the Federal Insurance Office including financial stability issues, the International Capital Standard and U.S.

                                    Aggregation Method, and other developments facing the life insurance and financial services industry.  



                                    Rikki Pelta, Counsel, American Council of Life Insurers


                                    Steven Seitz, Director, Federal Insurance Office, U.S. Department of the Treasury


                                     Technology/ Trends Focus Session

                                     REARCHITECTING THE INSURANCE WORKFORCE

                                     This session will show you how to prepare a future-ready workforce through focusing on the employee                                                 experience, leveraging a skill based talent strategy and using innovative talent sourcing models. A talent                                             strategy helps insurers address continued disruption from emerging risks, changing customer expectations,                                         technology innovation, cost pressures and more. Technologies such as AI, automation and data insights can                                       help. However, for these technologies to be effective, insurers must also reimagine work, workforce skills                                             development, and the workforce itself to ensure success now and in the future. This session provides the                                             building blocks to start.

                                     We’ll explore answers to solve for new business models and redefine the future of work:

                                     • Attract + retain: Using human centered design to extract the Employee Value Proposition

                                     • Empower your talent: Utilizing a skill based framework to drive a Talent strategy

                                     • Adapt your talent pools: Unlock additional talent pools



                                     Jeana Muñoz, Managing Director, Accenture North American Insurance


                                     Compliance / Legal Focus Session


                                    HYBRID PRODUCTS AND RIDERS

                                    Private insurance solutions for chronic illness and elder care are exploding. Insurers are increasingly exploring

                                    the inclusion of wellness programs aimed at facilitating a healthier aging process that helps insureds age in

                                    place. We’ll examine the legal and regulatory considerations and will provide suggested best practices for

                                    insurers to effectively provide policyholder wellness interventions.


                                    Michael Gugig, Vice President, Sr. Director State Gov't. Relations & Associate General Counsel, Transamerica

                                    Nolan Tully, Partner, Faegre Drinker


                                    Industry Issues Session


Risk classification remains a top priority and existential challenge for member companies and the ACLI. Prohibitions or limitations on the use of genetic testing results or genetic information continues to be one of the most threatening restrictions on underwriting and risk classification. While privacy remains a primary concern among lawmakers as it relates to direct-to-consumer sales of genetic testing kits, the more troubling legislation requiring significant advocacy were those bills attempting to protect clinical research or disease studies and study subjects’ perceived unwillingness to participate due concerns regarding future insurability. Join us for a lively discussion on the twists we are seeing on genetic information legislation and how ACLI is helping ensure the industry is prepared to explain and defend risk classification in a voluntary market.


Jan Graeber, Senior Health Actuary, American Council of Life Insurers

Curt Leonard, Regional Vice President, State Relations, American Council of Life Insurers

Mark Lewy, Chief Medical Officer, Guardian Life

Jill Rickard,  Regional Vice President, State Relations, American Council of Life Insurers

12:00–1:45 PM           Luncheon Session: Employee Retention: Addressing the “Great Resignation” and the “War for Talent”

As organizations navigate their way through the rapidly shrinking workforce and the implications on their productivity and growth, retention has become the rallying cry of the day in light of the “Great Resignation.” While we all seem to be able to point to what employees want, we don’t seem to be giving it to them. Having been an executive recruiter at a top global firm and the architect behind Google’s Internal Mobility Program for senior leaders, Ginny Clarke provides an expert perspective on the issues driving the current “War for Talent.” In this talk, she shares the intricacies of how to fortify your talent infrastructure to not only retain your top talent, but to attract new talent in support of your strategic objectives.



Ginny Clarke, Former Director, Executive Recruiting at Google and Holistic Leadership Strategist                                                                                                  

Sponsored by:


2:00–3:00 PM             Concurrent Sessions:

                                    Finance/Investment Focus Session

                                    THE FUTURE OF LIFE INSURANCE INVESTING

                                    This session will cover a broad range of issues including CLO’s going to financial modeling, 43R, and many 


                                    Mike Monahan, Senior Director, Accounting Policy, ACLI


                                    Kevin Clark, Chief Accounting Specialist, Iowa Insurance Division
                                    Lauren Sarper, Vice President, U.S. Financial and Macroprudential Regulation Lead, External Affairs,                                                  Prudential Financial, Inc.


                                    Technology/Trends Focus Session

                                    LIFE ASSURANCE THROUGH PRECISION MEDICINE

                                    Overview of advanced therapeutic technology that life insurers can make available to their policyholders

                                    today.  Creating a new product category is possible generating significant new premium and tight alignment

                                    with policyholders.



                                    Dr. Thomas Graham, Senior Vice President, Chief Innovation & Transformation Officer. Kettering Health

                                    Darren Rowe, Chief Executive Officer, HealthOME

                                    Tom Wamberg, Executive Chair, HealthOME


                                    Compliance/Legal Focus Session


                                    The session will discuss the role of private capital in the life insurance industry and provide perspectives on

                                    regulatory activities related to these issues, as well as the broader macroeconomic trends that could drive an 

                                    increase in asset risk. The panelists will discuss regulators’ response to these issues, as well as recent

                                    changes in macroprudential regulation, including increased disclosures and filings.


                                     Mariana Gomez-Vock, Senior Vice President, Policy Development, American Council of Life Insurers

                                     Justin Schrader, Chief Financial Examiner, Nebraska Department of Insurance


                                     Industry Issues Session

                                     FAMILY FINANCIAL SECURITY & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT

                                     Access to paid leave – both medical and family – is a high priority issue for America’s workforce and 

                                     employers as they compete and build thriving businesses. Policy discussions are emerging about how to

                                     keep momentum for expansion of access to paid leave benefits going during a time of political change and

                                     economic challenges This panel will welcome those representing a Congressional leader on the PFML issue,

                                     an insurer specializing in paid leave, a state PFML program administrator, and representatives of the

                                     employer and policy communities to discuss the latest ideas being presented at the federal level on how to

                                     build upon the existing infrastructure that serves both paid and unpaid leave needs of workers. We’ll also

                                     focus on the resurgence of state-level action on PFML, highlighting the vastly different approaches that states

                                     are taking to expanding access.  And we’ll discuss how employers are reacting to action at the state and

                                     federal level, and how various bread-and-butter issues that impact the attitudes of employers and their

                                     workers toward different PFML approaches can be identified and creatively addressed through bipartisan




                                     Cristina Martin Firvida, Vice President, Government Affairs, AARP

                                     Senator Paul Utke, Minnesota

 Adrienne Schweer, Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center 


3:00–3:30 PM               Networking Refreshment Break


5:00–6:00 PM               Protecting Every Future Networking Reception

                                     Join attendees at the Protecting Every Future networking reception to enjoy cocktails and hear from ACLI’s

                                     CEO Susan Neely, and CEO leadership on this flagship community program.


6:30–9:30 PM               PAC Event (by invitation only)  




7:30–8:15 AM                Hot Issues Breakfast: A VC Perspective on the Insurance Sector - Where We are Investing and What it

                                       Means for the Industry

                                       While the fundamentals of the insurance business - balancing both growth and risk - have not changed, as

                                       many neo insurers (and their investors) have come to realize, there are virtually no aspects of the insurance

                                       value chain that have not been impacted by the combination of technology, data and evolving consumer

                                       expectations over the last few years. Embedded insurance, digital distribution and blockchain technology are

                                       just some of the trends that will further transform the sector in the years to come. 



                                        Paul Desmarais III, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sagard


    Sponsored by:


8:30–9:30 AM                 General Session: Community Impact of Life Insurer Investments

                                        Life insurer investments do more than protect policyholders. Life insurance companies invest $572 million

                                        every day, driving job growth and strengthening economies. A new initiative – 360 Community Capital – has

                                        life insurers coming together to do even more to help address the pressing need of affordable housing in

                                        underserved communities. This commitment reflects the industry’s focus on what households and

                                        communities need in terms of stability, security, and opportunity. 

    Housing Development and Community Revitalization


                                        Dr. Julie Morita, Executive Vice President, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation



                                        Jayson Bronchetti, Chief Investment Officer, Lincoln Financial Group; Chair of the Investment Committee

                                        of 360 Community Capital


                                        Andrew Mais, Commissioner, Connecticut Insurance Department                                                                  

                                        Doug Ommen, Commissioner, State of Iowa Division of Insurance

9:45–10:45 AM                Concurrent Sessions:

                                         Finance/ Investment Focus Session

                                         EQUITIES FOR LONG DURATION LIABILITIES

                                        This session will provide industry perspectives on an RBC Equity proposal as proposed by a coalition of life

                                        insurance companies. The current RBC C-1 charge for equities is 30%, regardless of the nature of the

                                        contractual liabilities. The result is often a suboptimal portfolio, too heavily weighted to bonds and too light

                                         to equities, which reduces long-term investment performance and increases the risk to all stakeholders. It

                                         also provides disincentives for the industry to provide solutions for long-term income needs such as

                                         pension buyouts, payout annuities and long-term care. This proposal is to update the RBC framework to

                                         align risk capital across companies based on the true nature of the risk at hand, which depends on the

                                         duration and cash flow profile of one’s liabilities. For equities backing qualifying long duration liabilities, the

                                         C-1 factor for equities would be reduced from the current 30% charge to a 15% charge.



                                         Anthony Grandolfo, Chief Investment Officer, GE Capital North American Life and Health

                                         Martha Leiper, Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, Unum

                                         Stephen Smith, Head of Insurance Analytics, Neuberger Berman


                                          Technology/ Trends Focus Session


                                          Throughout the product lifecycle, behavioral science can play a meaningful role in understanding 

                                          individuals’ preferences to help life insurers meet market demands with risk awareness. Life insurers are

                                          increasingly transforming this science from theory into practice through product design, underwriting and

                                          beyond – all with the goal of better understanding clients and how to best serve them.



                                           Katherine McLaughlin, VP Data Analytics, SCOR

                                           Robyn Wallner, Vice President of Underwriting Solutions & Partnerships, SCOR


                                           Compliance/ Legal Focus Session

                                           COMPLYING WITH NEW AI AND BIG DATA REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS

                                           The panel will provide an overview of recent insurance regulatory developments in California,

                                           Connecticut, and Colorado, as well guidance from the NAIC and NCOIL, relating to the use of Artificial

                                           Intelligence (AI) and Big Data for underwriting, pricing, marketing and claims processing, including

                                           emerging requirements for bias testing, transparency, explainability, vendor management, governance

                                           and documentation.


                                           Avi Gesser, Co-Chair, Data Strategy & Security Group, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP       


       Ellie Jurado-Nieves, Vice President & Counsel, Government Relations, The Guardian Life

       Insurance Company

                                           Stephen McDougall, Chief Counsel, Data & Privacy Law, Prudential                       


                                             Industry Issues Session

The annuity industry is undergoing a significant restructuring, driven by new entrants from outside the traditional insurance sector. These new entrants are creating opportunities for annuity insurers to reshape their balance sheets and redeploy capital. However, some observers are expressing concerns about the growing role these new entrants are playing and the hidden risk they could be creating. What are the opportunities for the annuity industry, and where are the concerns?
Scott Hawkins, Managing Director, Head of Research, Conning


10:45–11:00 AM         Networking Refreshment Break


11:00– 12:00 PM                  Concurrent Sessions:

                                             Finance/ Investment Focus Session

                                             Interest rates are finally rising, what is AM Best’s view and impact to AM Best’s rating process and

                                             building blocks AM Best Rating Services North American senior analysts will share their perspectives   

                                             on the state of the industry. They will provide a recap of 2021 and 2022, covering both primary writers

                                             and L/A reinsurers. They will also discuss current issues and challenges, and their potential impact on

                                             AM Best’s ratings of L/A companies in North America.


                                            Jacqalene Lentz, Director, AM Best – Life and Annuity Ratings                                   
                                            Michael Porcelli, Senior Director, AM Best - Life and Annuity Ratings


                                            Technology/ Trends Focus Session

                                            SESSION TO BE ANNOUNCED



                                            Compliance/ Legal Focus Session


                                            This session will provide an interactive case-study discussion regarding in-house ethics.


                                            Nicholas Christakos, Partner & General Counsel, Eversheds Sutherland

                                            Patrick McGlone, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer


                                            Industry Issues Session

                                            THE BIG PICTURE: REGULATORY AND LEGISLATIVE LANDSCAPE IN 2023

                                            A panel of experts from the American Council of Life Insurers will provide a review of the most pressing

                                            legislative and regulatory challenges facing the industry today.



                                            Cindy Goff, Vice President, Supplemental Products & Group Insurance, American Council of Life



                                            Kimberly Ross, Senior Vice President, Federal Relations, American Council of Life Insurers

                                            Jim Szostek, Vice President & Deputy, Retirement Security, American Council of Life Insurers

                                            Leah Walters, Senior Vice President, State Relations, American Council of Life Insurers


12:15–2:00 PM                   Closing Luncheon: Scenes from the Future

                                           Technology continues to intersect with our lives in new, weird, and wonderful ways. With tech’s                                                              integration into our daily lives becoming second nature to so much of the world, we often overlook this                                                 intersection.  And yet, emerging tech will play a key role in shaping the future of humanity. In this mind                                                 bending session, world-renowned futurist Amy Webb takes audiences on a captivating journey as she                                                 provides a thought-provoking series of snapshots into the near and far future of business and society.                                                   Drawing from her work and research as founder and CEO of the Future Today Institute, she develops a                                               set of optimistic, neutral, and chaotic scenarios that describe plausible scenes 10 and 20 years into the                                               future and puts forth probable answers to tomorrow’s most pressing questions about work, relationships,                                             and our way of living.



                                            Amy Webb, World-Renowned Futurist; Founder & CEO of the Future Today Institute


2:00 PM                       Adjournment  


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