Continuing Education

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Please review the following conference continuing education information below, or on the above PDF.


Program Level: Intermediate – this program builds on basic skills in order to relate fundamental principles and skills to practical situations, and to extend them to a broader range of applications. This level is for participants with exposure to the subjects.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion, participants will better understand the following: the unique aspects and issues (including business, cultural, and legal issues) encountered by traditional insurance players in investing in insuretech/venture capital targets; group capital calculations as a supervisory tool; strategies and tools for navigat­ing risk and opportunity in a sustained low yield environment; and understating the new normal in the commercial real estate debt space.

Program Prerequisites/Advance Preparation: No advanced prerequisite or preparation is required.

Instructional Method: All presentations are group-live with instructor in room with participants. Recommended CPE credits 4 hours. *Sponsored activities are measured by program length, with one 50-minute period equal to one CPE credit. One-half CPE credit increments (equal to 25 minutes) are permitted after the first credit has been earned in a given learning activity.

Acquiring Your CPE Credits: For each CPE session, (Finance/Investment track) the speaker will prompt you to complete 1 live poll at the beginning of the CPE session. Please complete the poll to verify your attendance and participation. Credit WILL NOT be given if you do not complete the poll(s). Please email Chandler Chastain at for any questions regarding CPE.


CLE Accreditation

ACLI is accredited in MOST mandatory continuing legal education states. Some states are on a delayed approval process due to slowed workstreams from the work from home environment. Some states have not granted this conference accreditation. Please email Chandler Chastain at for any questions regarding CLE.

Acquiring Your CLE Credits - In each CLE session, (Compliance/Legal track) there will be 3 live poll prompts that will appear throughout the duration of the given session. Please complete each poll at the beginning, middle, and end of the presentation in order to verify your attendance and participation for the full duration of the session. Credit WILL NOT be given if you do not complete the poll(s). Please email Chandler Chastain at for any questions regarding CLE.


Below, please find a list of states that have been approved/denied, or are still pending approval status.







Below you will find a list of the states with which the ACLI has filed an application for CLE credit.  However, since each state has different CLE requirements and calculates we strongly recommend that you contact your state CLE board with any questions.the credit differently,

*  At this time, responses from these states had not been received.  Credit hours shown reflect number of credit hours approved. We recommend you follow up with your state bar to verify the number of approved credit hours. As of October 5, 2020

**At this time, the course for accreditation was denied and no credit will be given for that state.