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Monday, October 14


Chairman's Club Breakfast (by invitation only)


Amy Walter, National Editor of the Cook Political Report and Host of WNYC’s The Takeaway Fridays

Hot Issues Breakfast: When the Cycle Turns: How Will Insurers Investment Portfolios Weather the Next Downturn?

This will be a discussion around the potential impact of the next downturn on bonds, ratings, and insurers' investment portfolios. As investment portfolios have evolved, are they more or less vulnerable to a potential downturn?



Deep Banerjee, Lead Analyst, S&P Global Ratings




General Session: Leadership 

“In 45 years as a Marine, I never raised my voice to get something done.” 


A Four-Star General, US Secretary of Homeland Security and White House Chief of Staff, few people in the world have been as successful leading in many of the most hostile and stressful environments on earth as General Kelly. In this far-ranging discussion, General John F. Kelly will lay out the foundation for successful leadership.  With themes including a clear vision, a deep sense of care and passion for those in our charge, a mandate for initiative, and a philosophy of delegation and support, General Kelly will share the wisdom and perspective he has gained as one of our country’s greatest leaders. 



General John F. Kelly, U.S. Marine Corps (RET)


Networking Refreshment Break


Concurrent Sessions

1. Legal/Compliance:  The Financial Crime Landscape: Evolving Financial Crime Threats in a Digital World


A discussion of ways to manage cybersecurity, compliance and operational risk for financial institutions and insurance companies. Specific cybersecurity redflags to be examined include: 1) failure to guard against business email compromise; 2) failure to have an operational and socialized incident response plan; and 3) failure to implement adequate technology, policies, contracts, and controls.

Andrew Davies, Vice President, Global Market Strategy, Financial Crime Risk Management, Fiserv 

Tim Hartmann, Director AML ATF Strategic Initiatives, John Hancock

2. Finance/Investment: The Future of Insurance Asset Management

Insurance company balance sheets have never needed to work harder to make a profit – and insurance asset managers are responding by aligning their interests to their clients in ways never seen in the past. This includes innovative pricing models, harnessing technology and AI disruption and expanding product offerings, such as ESG and new alternatives, to help insurers meet their goals. Hear how some of the largest insurance asset managers are seeking to future-proof their business – and yours - and what they think that future could look like


Allan Levine, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Global Atlantic Financial Group, Ltd.

Doug Eu, Chief Executive Officer US, Allianz Global Investors 

Peter Noris, Senior Advisor, Schroders Investment Management N.A. Inc.

Kelly Sweppenhiser, Executive, Insurance General Accounts, Vanguard Institutional Investment Group

3. Trends & Technology: The Post-Digital Era is Upon Us. Get Ready for What’s Next in Insurance

Digital transformation grants insurance companies exceptional capabilities. But it also creates enormous expectations from customers, partners, regulators, and society at large. The time for pilots and experimentation is long past, and insurance leaders must begin to strategize for what’s next: digital saturation.Given their collective prioritization of digital technology, every insurance company will eventually converge on the same turning point—one where digital-era technology, which began as a differentiating advantage, is something expected of every business. In other words: The digital playing field will eventually even out. As they stride into the post-digital era, insurers must seize the opportunities of an age when consumers, employees, and business partners will seek their own digital experiences, and every moment will represent an opportunity for companies to play a role in shaping them. Accenture’s report “Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2019” has identified five emerging trends that are transforming society and creating an opportunity for enterprise growth.



Kym Gully, Product Strategy and Development Lead, Accenture Life and Annuity Software

4. Forum 500 Session: In the Consumer’s Best Interest: A Conversation With Massachusetts Insurance Commissioner Gary Anderson

In this can’t-miss interview, Commissioner Gary Anderson will discuss how he engages with his peers at the NAIC to address regulatory policy issues of national and local importance.  He will offer his insights on the effort to enhance the NAIC Annuity Suitability Model to incorporate a best interest standard of care. Commissioner Anderson has some important views to share on the regulatory issues associated with life insurers’ use of big data to accelerate policy issuance.  



David Mitchell, Executive Vice President, External Affairs and Corporate Communications, Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company


Commissioner Gary Anderson, Massachusetts Division of Insurance

Bruce Ferguson, Senior Vice President, State Relations, American Council of Life Insurers



Welcome Remarks 


Governor Charlie Baker, Massachusetts


Life Happens Presentation


Thomas Currey, Chair, Board of Directors, Life Happens

Jes Skelli, Student, University of Cincinnati

Faisa Stafford, President, Life Happens


Political Action Committee (PAC) Update 

Paul Quaranto, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President, Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company

Disrupting Disruption: How Technology Connects to Brands Like Never Before

We live in a culture of change. Most brands are overwhelmed by the massive shifts that they have to make to their business models. Disruption is everywhere. Digital transformation is imperative. We live in the Uber-ization of everything. There are several new (and dramatic) realities that will force businesses to rethink many of their commonly held beliefs about what works in business today, and what the future may look like. Interestingly, this is less about the evolution of technology and much more about how consumers have become that much more efficient in this very different landscape. The result of this? Consumers have adopted technology in a way that has fundamentally changed how they buy and interact with businesses today. Bring an open mind, because the world continues to change and challenge brands like never before. The new leadership is being a digital leader. Is your business ready to disrupt disruption?



Mitch Joel, Technology and Innovation Expert & Best-Selling Author


General Session

  • Emcee-Welcome Remarks

Jeanne Meserve, Former Anchor and Correspondent for CNN and ABC News, Two-Time Emmy Award Winner and Edward R. Murrow Award Winner

  • Chair’s Perspective

JoAnn Martin, Chief Executive Officer, Ameritas Mutual Holding Company

  • Annual Business Meeting and Elections

  • President’s Perspective
    Susan Neely, President & Chief Executive Officer, American Council of Life Insurers



Concurrent Sessions

1.  Legal/Compliance: Risk Classification at a Crossroads: When You Come to a Fork in the Road Take It

Life insurers are finding new and innovative ways to make it easier and more efficient for consumers to achieve financial and retirement security.  As a result, risk classification practices are evolving to meet the demands of an aging population and reach the underserved market.  This panel will focus on the legislative and regulatory issues associated with life insurer underwriting practices, including consideration of genetic information, big data and medical information confidentiality.

Jan Graeber, Senior Health Actuary, American Council of Life Insurers



Senator Doug Broxson, Chair, Florida Senate Committee on Banking & Insurance

Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer, Deputy Director & Superintendent of Financial Services, State of Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation

Bruce Margolis, Assistant Vice President & Medical Director, Pacific Life

2. Finance/Investment: It’s a Jungle Out There: Charting a Path Forward for the Life-Annuity Industry

The meshing of demographics, technology, regulations and economics has created a dense jungle of growth challenges for life-annuity providers. Conning examines these issues and, with the help of their “machete” (i.e. their recent industry forecast), identifies possible routes out of the darkness toward profitable growth for underwriters.


Terence Martin, Director, Conning

3. The Future is Now

Reinsurer CEOs will share their insights into opportunities for direct writers as the pace of change keeps accelerating. Topics may include adapting to changing consumer needs and expectations, building the talent pool, embracing data and technology, and adapting to regulatory change. 


Patrick Reeder, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, American Council of Life Insurers



Chris Behling, Chief Underwriter, US Life and Health, Swiss Re 

Kathryn S. Cox, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated

Quentin Marsh, Chief Financial Officer, US Life and Health, Munich Re 

Jason Rickard, Senior Vice President, Head of Life Solutions, Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America 

4. The Industry's Role in Paid Family & Medical Leave

This  panel will explore the increased focus in Congress and the states on Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML).  The discussion will include: the growing societal need for PFML; the range of PFML solutions provided by federal and state programs and proposals; the impact on insurers of public and private alternatives; and the insurance industry’s role in providing employers and employees with insured paid leave today and in the future. 


Susan K. Neely, President & Chief Executive Officer, American Council of Life Insurers


Mike Doheny, Undersecretary of Labor and General Counsel, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, Massachusetts   

Dan Fishbein, President, U.S., Sun Life Financial  

Amy Friedrich, President, United States Insurance Solutions, Principal Financial Group

Vicki Shabo, Senior Fellow, Paid Leave Policy & Strategy, New America’s Better Life Lab



Networking Ice Cream Social 



Networking Reception



PAC Event (by invitation only)


Concurrent Sessions

1. Legal/Compliance: Insurance M&A: Accelerating Growth, Jump Starting Innovation and Importance of Non-Traditional Players

The increasing activity in the insurance M&A market that has been occurring during the past two years may be waning. Traditional life insurers continue to target topline growth in their core markets. This growth is occurring both in the markets they know well and in new territories where they can utilize their existing capabilities.  In addition, insurers are considering smaller strategic acquisitions that seek to expand their abilities to reach new customers and distribution channels. This panel of presenters will explore the deal drivers underlying such activities from various perspectives, the challenges faced in the competitive transactional market and the attributes of successful transaction planning and execution strategies. 



Bert Adams, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland



Timothy W. Brown, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Venerable Holdings

Jason Eisenstadt, Managing Director, Head of Insurance M&A, Goldman Sachs 

Elliot A. Stultz, Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Allstate

2. Finance/Investment: New Accounting for Long Duration Contracts Issued by Insurers and Reinsurers

This session will include accountants, actuaries and other insurance company personnel.  The Financial Accounting Standard Board's (FASB) objective with this new Accounting Standard Update is to improve, simplify, and enhance accounting for long-duration contracts. Overall, there could be a significant impact to reported earnings and increased earnings volatility. Additionally, the implementation effort will require significant changes to systems, processes, and controls, and likely require the accumulation of data that has not previously been captured and included in the actuarial models in the format and grouping needed for the measurement. This session will take a deep dive into the new standard with an interactive panel and discussion examples. 

Steve Belcher, ACLI Accounting Committee Chair and Vice President/Global Head of Accounting Policy, MetLife, Inc.



William C. Hines, Consulting Actuary, Milliman

Marc Siegel, Partner, Ernst & Young

Kristine Toscano, Vice President, Assistant Controller, Lincoln Financial Group

3. Trends & Technology: Future of Work in Life Insurance

Future of work and automation trends are significantly affecting the majority of jobs, and a minority of jobs will have the majority of their work automated away (assistants, contact center agents, middle and back office operations processing, etc.). What does the future of work look like, and what will be the impact in life insurance? How are cutting edge organizations planning for the future of work for their employees, and what can leaders do today to set their organizations up well for the future?



Kweilin Ellingrud, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company


4. From Crisis to Opportunity: Longevity, Aging and Retirement Readiness

On average, most Americans are living longer, healthier lives. With longer lives, many are enjoying longer, healthier retirements and it is no longer unusual to spend as many years in retirement as in work. But longevity gains in our society are increasingly only available to some. Most are financially unprepared for retirement, and very few have lifetime income from a defined benefit pension or an individual annuity. Without lifetime income, each person is a sample size of one in trying to know the unknowable - how to spend down their lifetime savings for a secure retirement that could last anywhere from 10 to 40 years. With that sobering reality comes good news. Rising to the challenge of providing retirement security for people is a wonderful growth opportunity for our industry because insurers and reinsurers, especially those with a talent strategy focused on diversity and inclusion, are uniquely qualified to address one of the most important challenges of our time—our aging society.



Amy Kessler, Senior Vice President, Head of Longevity Risk Transfer, Prudential Financial